Natural Smell of Clean

What is MOT?

Everyday bad odours and smells are treated with air fresheners that mask the smell using chemical fragrances, adding new components to the odour molecule and therefore making it more complicated and harder to remove in the future

SL-Deo MOT is a concentrate of natural plant extracts coming from Japan. It breaks up the odour molecules into harmless elements and thanks to the botanical extracts the only remaining aroma will be a natural smell of clean.

Common air fresheners only mask bad odours by adding perfume. MOT eliminates bad odours and bacteria in just 2 minutes, everything is done in a total natural and environment-friendly way.

Personal Use

Public Toilets

The main problem with public toilets is that everyone knows they are used everyday by many people, but no one knows for certain when was the last time that little place has been cleaned. It is essential to always have your personal time in a bacteria safe, odourless and clean environment


Bad smell makes everyone uncomfortable, passengers as well as drivers. A lot of people with different stories and routines take taxis everyday. Be sure to always have a ride in a clean and odourless car

Car and other transportations

Car's air conditioning system recycle the same amount of air every time, causing bacteria to diffuse quickly and the air to become stale. It is not suggested to spend a lot of time in a small and closed space - such as car - with bad air. MOT can help to freshen up the air in the car, eliminating the bacteria and leaving a safe and pleasant environment


Due to different fabrics, clothes can absorb any smell, good or bad, coming from the outside. SL-Deo spray will help eliminate them leaving on your clothes a fresh smell anytime you need


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